Advertising balloon – Versatile ad media of modern times

advertising balloon in pune

Advertising balloon – An advertising media

Balloon advertising is today’s versatile ad-media to attract the mass attention of the target audience. It provides ample ad space to elaborate on the product’s advantages.  It displays your product at height of 60ft  above visible from any point on the circumference around at 1 km radius.

Easy and fast installation

Helium gas-filled high flying balloons balloon remains straight and stable in the sky and immediately impress onlookers. With beautifully printed or painted ad matter in natural background.  These giant high flying balloon creates an atmosphere of merriment around and imparts festival atmosphere in the area.

Balloon advertising – Remembering  too many days

The advertising balloon provides large ad space on all sizes around at height and with a natural background. The balloon remains steady in the sky and affords undisturbed clear visibility the clear and it creates long-lasting impression on people to help create perfect branding of the product.

Balloon types and shapes

These balloons normally come 10ft 12ft 15ft circumference area. The most common shape is spherical and cylindrical. These provide a large ad space all around. It also comes in various geometric multi-angle shapes and sizes as required. It can also be made in any type of product shape or customize as per requirement. E.g. jeep shape, four and two-wheeler vehicle boxes and packages, etc. Small sky balloons in various colors for celebrations and social, family events are also available.

Transportation and carting

The transport of these balloons at the place of the display is very convenient and simple. The deflated balloon of any size can be packed in the puce bags taken to the required spot. The helium gas is available in the cylinders and can be conveniently taken to the display venue.  Considering the vast audience it attracts at a time and large ad space it provides to convey product merits and its easy safe transportation, its cost is comparatively very low and easily affordable in view of the returns it gives.

In conclusion flying balloons render excellent publicity of products, services, and messages. It creates an atmosphere for the celebration of events that helps and navigating the display spots and reasonable cost and N short time.

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